Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Kit 2 - SMT & Stripboard Format: SMT-C-K2

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Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Kit 2 - SMT & Stripboard Format: SMT-C-K2 This Surface Mount Technology (SMT) PCB or PWB Wiring Kit is designed as an introduction to prototype wiring of Surface Mount Technology(SMT). The SMT layout is combined with the Stripboard PCB/PWB format. It provides the means to experiment with hand wiring of Surface Mount Devices(SMD's) .  Meets Roadrunner's philosophy of flexibility and versatility  Introduction to hand wiring of Surface Mount Devices (SMD's) using Roadrunner  Popular SMD footprints (layout and list included)  Combined technology formats - SMT with Oktapad or Stripboard  SMD leads fan out to easy-to-wire solder pads  Provision for future piggyback boards  Quick and easy in use Kit Comprises: Wiring Pencil with brake and bobbin of Solderable Enamel Wire SMT Eurocard combined with Stripboard format, single height, single sided (160 x 100 mm) RRB-015 Tweezers - AA Type Solder Pins Bobbin of Tinned Copper Wire (Non-Insulated) Board format and SMD footprint list Guidance Notes Individual items are available separately

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