PCB Prototype Wiring Introkit RRS-K-106

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The Roadrunner® Wiring System Introkit is an introduction to PCB or PWB prototype wiring using the Roadrunner® high speed, hand wiring point to point, Rapid Wiring Method.

  • Quick and easy prototyping method
  • For prototypes, repair and pre-production
  • Castellated strips keep wiring neat
  • Strips are glue fix or press fix for 1.02 holes on 2.54 pitch
  • Wiring pencil with brake, is well balanced and easy to use
  • High quality, cost effective
  • Quick and easy in use
  • Downloadable instructions describing the electronic construction and wiring techniques and the Rapid Wiring Method

The Intro Kit comprises the following:

  • 1 off wiring pencil with brake and solderable enamel wire (RRP-123)
  • 7 off glue strips (152mm)
  • 30 off press-in strips (51mm)
  • 100 off solder pins double-sided 1.0mm dia
  • 1 off green wire, 34m spool (38SWG)
  • 1 off pink wire, 34m spool (38SWG)
  • 1 off gold wire, 34m spool (38SWG)
  • 1 off tinned copper wire 24m spool (33SWG)
  • non-insulated
  • 1 off High Density double sided Eurocard (100 x 160mm – RRB-107)
  • Plus instructions

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