RRP-P-105: Wiring Pencil Wire - Solderable Enamel (Insulated) 0.15mm dia. Pink Colour

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Wiring Pencil Wire – Green Solderable Enamel (Insulated)

4 per pack (wire size: 1/0.15mm (38 swg) Coloured Roadrunner Wiring Pencil or Wiring Pen wire (insulated) is coated in solderable enamel or self fluxing polyurethane. The wire requires a soldering iron temperature of between 400 - 430°C+ to remove the enamel. (Weller bit temperature code 8 or 9)

  • Solderable Enamelled self fluxing Copper Wire
  • Coloured wiring pencil or wiring pen wire for refill bobbins or wire spools are: gold, pink, green, violet/blue
  • Coated in self-fluxing polyurethane, conforming to IEC 60317-20 (Grade 2)
  • Suitable for prototype wiring, PCB track repairs and rework, shorting links and coil forming Maximum continuous temperature +120°C Suitable soldering temperature 400-430°C

Insulation Thickness 38 swg 0.012 mm Grade 2 Resistance 0.967 Ohms/m typ; Current Rating 38 swg 82 MA, Spool Length (Average) 38 swg 38 m, Insulation Breakdown 1500 V RMS.

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