Wiring Pencil with Brake: RRP-124

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Wiring Pencil with Brake: RRP-124

This Wiring Pencil or Wiring Pen with Brake is preloaded with a Tinned Copper Wire (TCW) Bobbin of wire or wire spool.

Based on the standard version, the wiring pencil has been enhanced and now incorporates a finger brake, which operates against the bobbin of wire or wire spool and accurately controls wire tension.

A full, ready to use Tinned Copper Wire (TCW) bobbin of wire or wire spool is supplied with each pencil.

This wiring tool, is recommended for: entry level students, technicians or hobbyists for the assembly and wiring of discrete electronic circuits; for end of line or Field Service PCB or PWB track repair, rework, shorting links or modifications.

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