High Density Eurocards: RRB-107

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High Density Eurocards: RRB-107 Double sided 3 plane. Single height eurocard - 100x160mm

  • A 3 plane prototyping board with, a copper pattern screen or ground plane marked ‘GND’ on the component side. The wiring side pattern has two power rails marked ‘VCC’ and ‘GND’ and the screen may be connected to the ‘GND’ rail by pinning.
  • DIN 41612 connector mounting holes at one end
  • Can be used with Roadrunner®, wire wrapping or discrete component wiring
  • Grid reference

Specifications: Material Blue epoxy glass or FR4

Board thickness 1.6mm

Connector pattern to DIN41612

Hole matrix 2.54 x 2.54mm

Hole size 1.02mm

Copper Thickness 1oz/ft2 or 35 microns or 305g/m2

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