Oktapad™ Strip Eurocards: RRB-009

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Oktapad™ Strip Eurocards: RRB-009 Single Eurocard - 3U Eurocard Double sided Single height - 100x160mm

 Unique Oktapad™ strip format circuit board

 With ground plane for maximum screening

 Universal stripboard prototyping PCB or PWB

 Octagonal style for design flexibility

 Can be used with Roadrunner®, wire wrapping or discrete component wiring

 Silkscreen reference component side

Specifications: Material Blue epoxy glass or FR4

Board thickness 1.6mm

Connector pattern to DIN41612

Hole matrix 2.54 x 2.54mm

Hole size 1.02mm

Copper Thickness 1oz/ft2 or 35 microns or 305g/m2

Compatible DIN 41494

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