Wiring Kits

Wiring Kits

PCB Prototype Wiring Kits & Components

Here we present a range of PCB Prototyping Kits, prototyping boards and components based on the Roadrunner Wiring System for electronic prototyping and wiring .We supply a wide choice of prototyping kits that are perfect to introduce users to the versatility and effectiveness of the Roadrunner® System. These include prototyping kits for; wiring discrete components, microprocessor and logic circuits, PCB/PWB repairs and reworking and Surface Mount Technology (SMT).

Using the proven components of the Roadrunner® Prototype Wiring System and other complementary products, a range of electronic kits are available to satisfy many electronic circuit board requirements.

From this section, choose from a range of PCB or PWB prototyping wiring kits for electronic prototyping, assembly and wiring or PCB track repair, rework and modifications. Download instructions and guidance notes on the Roadrunner prototype assembly and wiring techniques, which describe the system's high speed point to point wiring, Rapid Wiring Method. Recent MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTIONS on all protoyping boards.

Check out the new Surface Mount Technology (SMT) PCB wiring kits, which demonstrate the versatility of the Roadrunner® PCB prototype wiring system

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The Roadrunner® Wiring System Introkit is an introduction to PCB or PWB prototype wiring.

£70.97 *
Delivery weight: 0.138 kg

PCB Repair Kit RRS-K-110

£25.37 *
Delivery weight: 0.062 kg

PCB Beginners Kit RRS-K-113

£25.75 *
Delivery weight: 0.048 kg

Surface Mount Technology Kit 1 - SMT & Oktapad Format: SMT-C-K1

£41.64 *
Delivery weight: 0.11 kg

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Kit 2 - SMT & Stripboard Format: SMT-C-K2

£41.64 *
Delivery weight: 0.11 kg
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