Wire Distribution Strips

Wire Distribution Strips
Wire Distribution Strips - also referred to as Roadrunner Strips, castellated strips, wiring combes, wiring pen combes, wiring channels, or wiring guides, are used to route and support the wiring in position. The castellated strips allow point to point wiring of components to be very fast and neat. The channels prevent wire breakage. The castellated strips or wiring combes are simply and quickly fitted and provide easy access for test and modifications. Height above circuit board, 3.81mm. Two types of Wire Distribution Strips or wiring pen combes are available. The general purpose 152mm Glue Strip and the 51mm Press Strip. The glue strips can be applied to any general purpose prototyping board, although the Roadrunner® High Density Series of boards have been specifically designed for use with these strips and the Roadrunner® wiring system. The Press Strips must be applied to 2.54mm matrix boards with 1mm hole diameter. The strips are low profile with 15.2mm (0.6") between boards (with IC holders).

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General Purpose Glue Strip (152mm): RRS-G-102

£18.66 / pack(s) *
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Press Strip (51mm): RRS-P-102

£17.76 / pack(s) *
Delivery weight: 0.007 kg
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