On this page you will find Roadrunner guidance, product information leaflets and data sheet downloading.

1. Safety Data Sheet: SAFETY_DATA_SHEET_Re_Issued_060618.pdf

2. Comprehensive Guidance Notes for using the Roadrunner Wiring Pencil and System for logic, analogue (discrete component applications), Printed Circuit Board (PCB) repair and modifications, and Surface Mount Technology (SMT): Master_Format_Instruction_Leaflet030712.pdf

3. Rapid Wiring Method - Guidance notes when using the Roadrunner Wiring System: Rapid_Wiring_Leaflet_Iss_1_030612.pdf

4. Surface Mount Technology (SMT - C Series) Circuit Board Formats and Device Footprints: SMT-C_Formats.doc_030612.pdf

5. Solderable Enamel Wire Data SheetSOLDERABLE_ENAMEL_WIRE_DATE_SHEET_amended_120118.pdf

6. Product Description - Wiring Pencil RRP-103:Product_Description_Wiring_Pencil_RRP-103_060618.pdf

7.Product Description - Wiring Pencil RRP-123:Product_Description_Wiring_Pencil_RRP-123_060618.pdf

8. Product Description - Wiring Pencil RRP-104:Product_Description_Wiring_Pencil_RRP-104_060618.pdf

9. Product Description - Wiring Pencil RRP-124:Product_Description_Wiring_Pencil_RRP-124_060618.pdf

10. RoHS Declaration - Solderable Enamel Wire:RoHS_Declaration_Iss_3_11.07.19.pdf

11. Reach Declaration - All Products:REACH_Declaration_July_2019_All_customers_05.08.19.pdf