Basic Electronics

Basic electronics using the Roadrunner wiring pencil is child’s play!

Construction of simple or basic electronic circuits can be achieved in a fun and practical way.

The Wiring Pencil or wiring Pen (with a bobbin of Tinned Copper Wire, TCW, for this application) is an accepted and highly adaptable interconnection tool. Other items and tools required: matrix board; AA Tweezers; wire cutters; soldering iron; solder; solder pins if required.

Follow these steps to construct your basic electronic circuit: 1. Using a matrix board, layout the components.

2. Form the leads of the component to pass through the holes in the board – without placing stress on the component itself

3. With the component in the correct position, splay the component leads (away from the component body) to retain the component in the board.

4. Trim the leads to within 3mm of the underside of the board a. If you are using solder pins, press in the pins. b. Attach the component lead to the pins on the component side of the board or, if you prefer, the underside or ‘wiring side’ of the board.

5. Using the Wiring Pencil or Pen, proceed to make the necessary interconnections to the component leads (or pins). a. Using the tweezers, clasp the wire from the end of the Wiring Pencil close to the cropped component lead b. Wrap the wire from the Pencil around the component lead 3 times. If another connection needs to me made, continue to the next connecting point or component lead and wrap the wire around the lead with 3 turns. c. When you have completed the ‘run’ of connections, dispense approximately 5 mm of wire from the tip of the Wiring Pencil to (a) provide access to the wire and enable the wire to be cut close to the component lead and (b) to leave enough wire at the end of the Wiring Pencil to fold it back and prevent the wire going back up the tip!.

6. Complete all connections –being careful not to short circuit any wires.

7. Finally, after checking that the connections are correctly made, solder the wire to the component leads. Job done!