About Us

The Roadrunner Electronic Products success story…


The original Roadrunner Wiring System was created in the early 1970’s and was instrumental in the development of many breakthrough product applications including the development of numerous microprocessor products.



Over the years we have grown substantially to now offer a suite of innovative products that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our goal is to provide cost effective, quality prototyping products in the UK and globally, which add value to their business or personal projects.

The key to our longstanding success is delivering flexibility, versatility and value for money so our customers always get the most out of using our products.



Innovation in electronic components



Roadrunner® products are designed by users. Therefore the products are proven prior to their introduction to the market place. Our exhaustive range of products are now used for  prototype wiring of Logic and Microprocessor circuits, Analogue circuits, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) circuits and repair , rework and modification of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) or Printed Wiring Boards (PWBs) .



What are you going to build today?



Roadrunner® products are used for private and commercial use around the world by hobbyists and educational establishment’s right through to the military and research developmental teams. We are proud to be known as a trusted and reliable name in the industry.



In education, Roadrunner® products are being used for electronics in schools, colleges and universities. They are ideal for helping beginners to build circuit boards and learn about electronics.



We’d like to thank all our loyal customers who use the Roadrunner® products time and time again; we appreciate your ongoing support. For those new to our products – we know there’ll be no turning back once you try experience Roadrunner®.