PCB Prototype Wiring Kits

PCB Prototype Wiring Kits and Components

Using the proven components of the Roadrunner® Prototype Wiring System and other complementary products, a range of electronic kits are available to satisfy many electronic circuit board requirements.

Check out the new Surface Mount Technology (SMT) PCB wiring kits, which demonstrate the versatility of the Roadrunner® PCB prototype wiring system

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Welcome to Roadrunner® an established UK company that has been offering innovation in electronic prototyping for over 30 years. We welcome you to explore our versatile range and purchase the proven Roadrunner® Electronic Prototyping Products. Plus our site has handy downloads such as guidance notes and instructions describing the Roadrunner® Prototype Wiring System — a point to point, hand wiring, rapid wiring method.


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Select from a broad range of RoSH compliant prototype printed circuit boards (PCB’s) or printed wiring boards (PWB’s), PCB prototyping or PCB repair kits, wiring pencils (or wiring pens), wiring pencil wire and various complementary prototyping products to suit your needs.


A wide range of commercial and personal applications


The components of the Roadrunner® Prototyping System, in particular the Wiring Pencil, are used globally for prototype development by entry level electronics students and experts alike - in schools, colleges and universities; in industry by technicians and engineers; in the home by hobbyists, and by the military.
Check out our new range of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Eurocard circuit boards and prototype wiring kits, which demonstrate the versatility and flexibility of the Roadrunner® System.


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